Readings for Kateri Kosek’s Workshop

Dear MFA Students:

If you could read these two fairly short examples of lyric essays ahead of the Lyric Essay workshop on Thursday, that would be great. Also, bring a poem or nonfiction piece of your own that’s not quite working yet. Thanks! See you soon.


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Readings for Brian Centrone’s Workshop

Greetings, MFA Students!

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays. Brian Centrone passed along the following note and readings below. Please let me know if you have any questions:

“I am attaching a handful of readings for the workshop on the 4th. If you could distribute these to those attending with the instructions to pay close attention to the erotic language and how it is being used in the context of the story/character/type of work, that would be a great help. The sections are marked from start to stop for those pieces not being read in full. We’ll start with a discussion of the works before moving into the writing exercise. If students have anything particular they are working on they can bring that with them. They can also bring laptops to access the readings as some of them may be too small or not clear enough for some readers. That way those who need to zoom in can without issue and we also save paper!”

Red Sparow

The Golden Lotus 1955


To Temp A Scotsman

What Belongs to You

From Lysistrata

From Samuel Pepys DiaryMates


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Two Spoons of Bitter now available internationally!

Hi all  – I’ve been posting my travail with indie publishing concerning my new novel – Two Spoons of Bitter on facebook but thought I would catch you all up.

I’ve printed and sold 160 print copies. About 40 were giveaways/trades/gifts. I was able to get my book in bookstores in Washington State, Idaho and Montana and most recently in several locations in Florida. I’ve presented the book in Colorado at the Georgetown Indiecon, at the Lewis & Clark library in Helena, MT, Poetic Justice in Port St. Lucie Florida and a mini tour of North Florida including my alma mater – University of North Florida where I was welcomed. They also did a story about me in the local newspaper I used to write for.

I applied for Self-e Journal, a program that supplies libraries and supports indie writers and was named a Washington State Indie Writer. Who I belonged to as a writer was up in the air for awhile – being that I’m from Montana originally and am now living in Florida. I’ll take the Washington State Indie Writer designation – after all I wrote most of the book in my tiny – dark apartment in Spokane Wa and used local resources to print it there. So that works.  Self-E Journal supplies a digital version of my book to all the branches of the Seattle Public Library and Spokane County Library.

After much deliberation and surrender to the fact that I’m not making any money and that it matters – I am preparing my files for Ingram Spark print on demand. That also allows me distribution to all the major companies but especially gets me in the InDIE BOUND catalog that supplies all the INDIE book stores in the country. And on OVERDRiVE that supplies all the public libraries.

I hate that I don’t have control over the quality of the print product if I let Ingram Spark do it – but it’s something I just have to let go of.

My real goal is international. I want to be read in Prague! And Paris! And Madrid! And Brazil! The Arab Emirates, Japan and so on. I was going to let Ingram Spark handle the ebook too but they required a seperate ISBN. If you apply to each distributor individually – it doesn’t. I chose KOBO because it’s the most hassle free and user friendly and is available in dozens of countries. Plus I get a decent cut – not like Amazon – and I can see a map of where a book has been sold. They also tell the reader how long the book is – how many words and how long it is estimated it will take to read it. Mine is 344 pages – 91,000+ words which takes 7 – 8 hours to read.

Yeah it takes its time – but literary fiction is like that. Meaning Im aware I am competing with plot driven books you can read in a couple hours. But it is what it is.

I’m still boycotting Amazon!

I’m thinking about translations and audio next. Apparently there are people who will do it for sharing authorship. That could be tricky…

Now Im focusing on contests and reviews. That means fees – applications and setting up giveaways. Im narrowing down on book clubs on facebook and other pages that invite authors to share books. On December 10 – Susan Peterson Agency is featuring me and my book. She did a short interview and I sent her all the particulars. She will facilitate a giveaway. There are quite a few of those types of organizations on facebook who like to feature authors. And giveaways.

Im trying to figure out how to set up some giveaways on KOBO. Stay tuned.

The price is set at 4.99 – that may change. The print copy is 16.

I need reviews!!!! so if you happen to read it – please give me a review – Ill be glad to do the same for your book.

Below is the link to the KOBO page. Check it out.


Meanwhile – Merry Holidays!!!!!!!!

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Pushcart Prize Nomination

Great News!

My prose poem, “Dear Watcher,” has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Thin Air Magazine. It’s cross-genre. It’s a cryptic, hybrid piece that I truly enjoyed writing.

I’m honored to have been chosen.

You can read the nominated piece below:

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MFA Spotlight on Sarah Darer Littman

Sarah Darer Littman shares from her wide array of writing experience in this latest MFA faculty spotlight. 

Fairest of them All color compLittmanSDanything but okay final2

“Every writer has to find the process that works best – and what works best for one book might not work with the next. Laurie Halse Anderson (one of my writing idols) said that each book requires specific tools from your writer’s toolbox. I find it usually takes at least 20,000 words into a first draft for me to figure out which tools a book needs. Then there’s my current novel, which took three complete rewrites before that happened…” Read more! 

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Support MFA Student John Bonanni

Hi, all –

Come support John Bonanni and the Symphony Chorus on 12/7 or 12/8. Some of you may recognize this from John’s enrichment project presentation.  More info here: TSC Enrichment Project (bonanni)



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Spring GA Positions

Dear MFA Students:

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! There are a variety of GA positions available for the spring semester, including editorial and marketing/PR opportunities. If you’re interested, please contact me ASAP.



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