Reading Assignment for D’Aries

Folks, please find attached here the required reading for Anthony’s master class at the August residency.¬†D’Aries Master Class_Readings

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Residency Workshop Selections

As Hannah just mentioned, the residency workshops are up on the MFA page. Please review the workshop descriptions, make your selections where appropriate, and email your preferences to me.

NOTE: all workshops are limited to 15 participants, and seats will be awarded on first-come, first-served basis.

So if you have strong preferences, email them to me ASAP.

For all workshops and master classes, please note the prep work and instructions on what to bring with you.

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Workshop Info

The workshop information is now posted on the website! Voilà! Go take a look!

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MFA Instagram!

We have an Instagram!! Yay!!

Follow your program @ wcsu.mfa ! What do you want to see on your MFA program’s Instagram? What suggestions do you have for keeping our Insta new and exciting outside of residency? Let me know!

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August Residency Schedule

Hey everyone! Just to let you know, the residency schedule for this August is now on the website! Get pumped and check out what’s in store for you this August 1-7th! Workshop information will be posted soon.

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Housatonic Book Awards Deadline

Hello, everyone! Reminder that the deadline for submissions for the Housatonic Book Awards is June 15th! Please share this and get the word out so we can read some more amazing submissions!

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Registration and Enrichment

Hello, Folks,

I have emailed registration info to everyone, so go ahead and register (unless you are a Thesis student in the Fall, in which case Grad Studies will have to register you).

I currently have the following people on schedule for enrichment presentations in August: Kinsella, Johnson, Trock, and Moffett. If you are not listed here and you need to present in August, please inform me by email ASAP.


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