Back in the Saddle-AGAIN!

Some of you know that I finally got a literary agent in January 2016 for my WWII book. Well, he couldn’t get a publisher to take it over the last year, so my agent just dropped me. Yes, I was really upset, for about one hour, but then I rolled up my sleeves and started pitching it again over the last week. GUESS WHAT? I got one agent to ask for more info last night and during the Twitter pitching today on #Pitmad, I’ve got another agent asking for more material. So now I feel better and have stepped back from the ledge.

Moral of the Story? Getting published is hard work and you will get knocked down, but you must keep trying. I’ll let you know about the outcome soon.

Jeannette Ronson

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Fall Courses/Mentor Requests

Folks, if you haven’t sent me your course/mentor info yet, please do so immediately.

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Three new writing articles out

Hello all,

Three new articles of mine hit this week, and as they are all in one way or another related to our community’s focus on the writing craft, I thought I would draw them to your attention. Here they are, with links. Please don’t hesitate to share, and to comment on the respective host sites if you have a question or something you want to add. Enjoy!

“Shadow Play: Dreams, Visions, and Hallucinations in Fiction,” at Fiction Writers Review.

“Eight Novels to Prepare You for the End of Civilization,” at Talking Writing.

“Chasing Hemingway’s Ghost in Havana,” at The Millions.

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Pitching Agents on Twitter

If any of you have a completed manuscript and need an agent, try #Pitmad. This is a one-day Twitter event where you pitch your book. Lots of agents and publishers will look at pitches that day. So basically you’ll have to boil down your book to 140 characters!! Next one is this Thursday, March 23rd, but there are lots of other dates throughout the year. Here is a link for more info: — I’m doing it, so I’ll see you there! If nothing else, it’s a good exercise for creating your “elevator pitch” or logline.

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Lovecraftian Literature Ebook Bundle

Ebooks have changed everything, most notably by creating immense opportunities to explore the marketplace by quickly changing the price of ebooks. (The legal battles between major publishers and is essentially over the fungibility of ebook prices.)

One thing I’ve been impressed with is ebook bundling—putting ten or more books together for a very low price, for a limited period of time. I gathered some books to experiment with this, and the result is the Lovecraftian Literature collection, brought to you by StoryBundle. Two of the books are backlist titles of my own, that have been poking along making a few dollars here and there, but the value proposition of the bundle (we’re 11 days in; have 10 left as of this writing) has generated a couple years’ worth of projected income in a couple of weeks. The combination of the low price and limited time is pretty enticing to readers (if you’re one of them, please check out the bundle!) and I’m looking forward to curating another such bundle in the summer.

Anyone, faculty or alumni, have experience with self-publishing ebooks and finding an audience via pricing? Is this something people would like to hear about at an upcoming residency?

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24 Writing Tips – Chronicle of Higher Education

Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz is a breaking-news reporter at the Chronicle of Higher Education who has a new Focus publication that may be of interest.  WRITING TIPS – Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz (CHE) March 2017

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Workshop Postponed

Sorry to report that Monica Ong’s workshop tomorrow has been postponed due to fear of weather.

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