Perfect Description of GEOCON

As the Georgetown Writer’s Conference (GEOCON) event chair, I have had the privilege of watching it grow over the past three years. We have definitely evolved as an event and  are figuring out more clearly who we are and what we want to be, what works and what doesn’t. I wanted to share this review by editor Bonnie McKnight as she does a very good job of describing our intimate writer’s conference/retreat and invite you all to attend 2020 GEOCON. We will be announcing the 2020 dates and keynotes soon.



GEOCON 2019 Review
on JULY 23, 2019, Bonnie McKnight
A few weeks ago, I attended my first GEOCON. Let me start this review with a list of caveats: I love the mountains, I’m a historian at heart, and I like to support local communities. All of that contributed to my great enjoyment of my first GEOCON. The writing conference is hosted by the Georgetown Trust for Conservation and Preservation in a restored 1874 schoolhouse in the beautiful, historic mountain town of Georgetown. But personal interests aside, GEOCON was a solid convention. I heartily recommend it to any writers looking for conferences, particularly those who have never attended a writing convention before. At only $50 a day, it’s worth the cost! Continue Reading





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