Back in the Saddle-AGAIN!

Some of you know that I finally got a literary agent in January 2016 for my WWII book. Well, he couldn’t get a publisher to take it over the last year, so my agent just dropped me. Yes, I was really upset, for about one hour, but then I rolled up my sleeves and started pitching it again over the last week. GUESS WHAT? I got one agent to ask for more info last night and during the Twitter pitching today on #Pitmad, I’ve got another agent asking for more material. So now I feel better and have stepped back from the ledge.

Moral of the Story? Getting published is hard work and you will get knocked down, but you must keep trying. I’ll let you know about the outcome soon.

Jeannette Ronson


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Masters of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing. Evaluated as Highly Effective by the Martin County School District 2017. Over 10 years teaching college and high school writing and literature in Connecticut and Florida. Certified English and Social Studies teacher.
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4 Responses to Back in the Saddle-AGAIN!

  1. Sandy Barron says:

    Good for you! Thanks for posting an update.

  2. brianthiem says:

    That’s the spirit! Too many writers give up before the miracle happens.

  3. Tim Weed says:

    You go, Jeannette! You’re absolutely right: persistence and resilience!

  4. Jeannette Ronson says:

    Thanks everybody for your positive comments;)

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