Dan Pope Workshop

Folks, as I mentioned, Pope will be taking the workshop slot vacated by Snyder at the January residency. Here is the description:

Dan Pope, The First Ten Pages

First impressions are everything. This is particularly true in the publishing world. Agents and editors are inundated with hundreds of proposals and manuscripts every day. You have to be able to impress them quickly. This workshop is for fiction and creative nonfiction writers. We will examine and discuss the first ten pages of your manuscript, with close attention to detail. Is your book starting in the right place? Is it well written? Is every word making an impression? Is it instantly engaging? Let’s examine your book and find out. All students are invited to submit the first ten pages of their manuscripts (double-spaced, please). The instructor will read and comment on all manuscripts, but will choose four or five manuscripts to discuss in class in a typical workshop setting. These will not necessarily be the “best” manuscripts or the “worst,” but rather the ones that make for interesting discussion. All students will be expected to read ALL submitted manuscripts and prepare a one-page typed critique for the author (your impressions and talking points). Please print out the entire manuscript and your one-page critique, stapled to the front of the manuscript. We will exchange these in class. Do not prepare the critiques on your devices or say “I will email it to you later.” Everyone must be prepared for class with the printed manuscripts and your critiques to give to the other writers. Please also bring any questions you might have on “openings,” which we will address toward the end of the workshop, if we haven’t covered the issue by then.

BIO: Dan Pope is the author of the novels Housebreaking (Simon & Schuster, 2015) and In the Cherry Tree (Picador USA, 2003). His short stories have appeared in many journals, including Crazyhorse, Harvard Review, Iowa Review, McSweeney’s, Shenandoah, Gettysburg Review, and others. He is a 2002 graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, where he attended on a Truman Capote Fellowship. He is a winner of the Glenn Schaeffer Award from the International Institute of Modern Letters, and grants in fiction from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.


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2 Responses to Dan Pope Workshop

  1. brclements says:

    I will be sending a group email message to those of you who signed up for Pope’s workshop, and Dan will contact you there with instructions for submission of manuscripts.

  2. janecleland says:

    This workshop sounds incredible.

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