Faculty Travel Money

Dear MFA Mentors,

Just a friendly reminder that the university (the faculty union, actually) will provide you up to $750 to travel to AWP (or any other conference). If you are thinking of going to AWP (and I encourage it!), you should download the travel request form from the university web site and submit it to the office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences. I recommend submitting it at least a month in advance (AWP is Feb. 8-11).



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2 Responses to Faculty Travel Money

  1. hankwgarfield says:

    Brian, I would like to take advantage of this. I see several travel forms on the website. Not sure which one to use. Is there an appropriate link? Thanks, Hank Garfield

  2. brclements says:

    Here ya go, Hank. Dean’s office will figure out meals and mileage for you, where appropriate. Fill out as much of this as you can and email it to Martha Palanzo at palanzom@wcsu.edu


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