Digital Storytelling vs. Policy Writing

Irene Jansen is a feminist and trade unionist working for a public sector union in Canada. Her interest in digital storytelling stemmed from the desire to find new ways to address communication, conflict and change in her organization – in ways that traditional policy writing does not. She says:

  1. Creative writing is very different from policy writing.
  2. Memories and stories come when we create the space.
  3. Personal stories reach people in a way that statements of facts and arguments don’t.

Here is her blog post about her experience with digital storytelling.

Here are two personal stories she made in her digital storytelling workshop in order to learn the technique.


Changing the Sheets

Digital stories are two to three minutes long. The point about this is that organizations like these are looking for new ways to bring their communities together and go about business in a more connecting way. Jansen writes policy but now she can also engage members at a more personal level. Just an example how storytelling is making its way into business and non-profits. Of course most of us know the pathos of storytelling can ignite imaginations and passions in ways that logical facts cannot. And for people who understand story the way we writers  do- digital storytelling can be a way to integrate  a creative aspect into a professional writing choice.


Center for Digital Storytelling works for political and social change. One of their initiatives is Silence Speaks –

Silence Speaks surfaces first-person narratives of struggle, courage, and transformation and works to ensure that these stories play an instrumental role in promoting gender equality, health, and human rights around the world. We use participatory media, popular education, and testimonio practices to support the telling and witnessing of stories that all too often remain unspoken and unheard.For more about how digital storytelling is transforming communities visit Storycenter

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