Featured Publication: Expiration Date

Hi! I’m a graduate of WestConn’s MFA program, and I mentor in the program now. I just wanted to pop in to announce the publication of my new book, Expiration Date, a literary horror/suspense novel. Expiration Date was my thesis project, and it was awarded Thesis of Distinction back in 2012, so it’s great to finally see it in print. I will be reading from ED at the residency on Saturday, August 6th. I hope to see everyone there! In case you’re interested, I’ll post some links to the project below. Thanks!


Recent Interview with Tierney James

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-Scott McNeight

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3 Responses to Featured Publication: Expiration Date

  1. brianthiem says:

    Congratulations, Scott. I look forward to seeing you at the residency.

  2. Alexis says:

    Thats great Scott! Congratulations.

  3. jnny1107 says:


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