Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Nyarlathotep on Pseudopod

Podcasting is one of the great ways to get a large audience for one’s work, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. The Escape Artists family of podcasts for science fiction (Escape Pod), fantasy (Podcastle), and horror (Pseudopod) have been plugging away for over a decade producing compelling podcasts of short fiction by both classic and contemporary authors. Their audiences, unlike most print journals, reaches well into the tens of thousands.
And this week’s story on Pseudopod is mine! Check out Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Nyarlathotep now. The story originally appeared in the anthology Future Lovecraft back in 2012, so a new life (and a new payday!) four years later is very welcome. The EA pods look at both original and reprinted fiction, so keep them in mind when submitting, even after your story’s first publication.


About nickmamatas

Nick Mamatas is the author of several novels, including I Am Providence and The Last Weekend. His short fiction has appeared in Best American Mystery Stories, Asimov's Science Fiction, New Haven Review, and many, many other venues.
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