Another rise-from-the-dead story!

I love to hear rise-from-the-dead stories like Mike’s. I have one, too.

My mother, Ruth Chessman, was a writer.

Ruth Chessman c. 1959

Among her accomplishments, she wrote 17 mystery short stories published in major publications like Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen and small ones like Christian publications, historical association newsletters, and Canadian women’s magazines. If they paid, my mother submitted to them.

She died 20 years ago.

I JUST SIGNED A CONTRACT for her work — a small press is bringing out an anthology of her mystery short stories. Isn’t that AMAZING?

Plus, one of her short stories will be featured as a “classic” in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in the June issue. I get to write the introduction.

The lesson to me is to never say never.

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7 Responses to Another rise-from-the-dead story!

  1. Amazing, Jane–what a way to honor your mother.

  2. brianthiem says:

    That is really cool, Jane, that you get to write the intro. This also helps explain your writing gift–you have a genetic advantage over the rest of us.

  3. janecleland says:

    Thank you, Joe; thank you, Brian.

    I don’t know about a genetic advantage as a writer; but I sure learned my work ethic watching her write. She wrote and wrote and wrote, then revised and revised and revised. She was relentless at getting her work out in the marketplace, submitting over and over again until each piece sold–or didn’t. And if it didn’t, she’d move on to the next project.

  4. nickmamatas says:

    I love this sort of story! Luckily the fiction genres all have hardcore fans who want to see the old stuff reissued. (I just read a great interview with the grandson of pulp horror writer C.M. Eddy who brought that author’s work back into print.)

  5. janecleland says:

    Yes, Nick.. I agree. It is wonderful, wondrous to think that our work might outlast us.

  6. ctplan says:

    This is amazing, and wonderful! What a great tribute to your mother.

  7. This sounds great, Jane. I really love work like this. Makes you discover something new about the person, and yourself as well. I was always tinkering of doing something similar for an essay on my grandfather, who was a local sports writer. He died before I was born, but early in my career people would always talk about his articles. Time to dig up his articles, maybe.
    Good luck on this. Sounds cool. Could make for a cool essay on your part.

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