Reusing Old Writings

I’m blessed to have a publishing house that assigned me a publicist for my debut novel. But publicists can be a pain in the ass because they’re always asking me to do more work—do this interview, write a post for such-and-such blog, attend this event.  

A few weeks ago, she asked me to write a blog post that she’d try to get onto the website for Bouchercon, the largest mystery conference in the country, with a readership in the thousands.  

I remember Jane Cleland telling us to save everything we wrote because we can submit the same stuff over and over with minor revisions. So I went through my writings and found an article I wrote for Writing in the Secondary Genre—Non Fiction.  

Those who were around when I took that course might remember I did my second genre courses kicking and screaming. I’m a fiction writer. I didn’t need no stinking second genre. Jane, my mentor for the course, made me do it anyway.  

Well, I dusted off an article I wrote for that course, pulled out some good parts, revised it, and with the help of the publicist, turned it into a blog article. Bouchercon accepted it and posted it two days ago. 

Yesterday, my publicist told me someone from Mystery Writers of America read it and wants to print it in the MWA monthly newsletter, which is read by many thousands of people. 

Thanks Brian Clements and Jane Cleland for making me write nonfiction. Sorry for fighting it so hard.

Brian Thiem

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4 Responses to Reusing Old Writings

  1. Larissa Lytwyn says:

    Love this. Congrats!

  2. Non-fiction rules.
    Congrats, Brian! (And, you’re a damn good NF writer. Your publicist should pitch a CNN crime show with you as the host.)

  3. moffettkds says:

    My paper submitted to Jane last night emphasized the same point of saving everything! Kudos to you!!!!!

  4. Jeannette Ronson says:

    Sorry for my much delayed response. You are absolutely right about re-using old stuff. I’m constantly dredging up old writings from the MFA program, cleaning them up, and sending them off. If anybody sees this, saved ALL files. You never know when you can recycle them!

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