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Okay, PR/marketing writers and MFA scribblers all, get out yer pencils. I’m getting new posters made up for the program and I need a catchy tagline. The tagline needs to emphasize the success of our students and alums, and if it can also emphasize our flexible structure and tight community, all the better. Our starting point is “Arrive a writer; depart a success.” If you can improve upon that, please do! Email me your suggestions or post them here as comments. Winning entry will receive an invitation to dine with one of the Housatonic Book Award winners at the January 2016 or August 2016 residency (author and res of your choice)!


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10 Responses to Tagline Contest

  1. brianthiem says:

    Not that you should change your suggested tag line, but it made me chuckle because when I arrived, I was no more than a scribbler, and I didn’t even admit to being a writer until around the end of the second semester.

  2. “Discover your greatness. We’ll show you how.”

  3. nickmamatas says:

    “We’re somewhat close to New York!”

  4. Larissa Lytwyn says:

    Arrive a writer; depart published! 😉 (Half/J/K). Pursue What Fulfills You. We can Help.

  5. janecleland says:

    Earning this degree changed my life.

  6. janecleland says:

    Yes, absolutely.

    I got my tenure-track job at Lehman College, where I’m a member of the fulltime faculty and the Director of the Program for Professional Communications because of this MFA. The dual specialization added the credentials I needed to qualify.

  7. Arrive with passion, leave with purpose.
    Come with stories. Leave with books.
    Come as you are. Leave even better.
    Don’t call yourself a writer. Become one.
    Come with your passion, leave with your career.
    Posthumous publishing is so 19th century. WCSU Write it. Share it. Earn it.

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