MFA Space

Folks, I’m happy to announce that we are adding dedicated MFA space in our suite of offices (Higgins Hall 205 E-G). My office, 205F, will remain here, as will the reception space (which will be inhabited by Steph Myers this semester).

205E will continue as an MFA overflow office, which is available for the use of MFA students at all times. Two computers, a laser printer, a fax machine, and the small MFA library reside in 205E. It is a good space to use for quiet work space, for meeting with undergraduate students (if you are a GA), or for just hanging out, maybe having a little lunch. The MFA library is growing–with a number of useful writer reference books and additional books that have been donated (feel free to donate books you need to get rid of, especially books that future students might use in the program–it’s tax deductible!), and all of the books that have been submitted for the Housatonic Book Awards.

205G will now be a shared office for Poor Yorick and for the Book Awards. If the Alumni group has need of on-campus space, you are welcome to the space here.

Any time Steph, Mel (PY editor), or I are not in the office, Laurel can provide admission. If you’re planning a longish trip in, you might just want to confirm that one of the four of us will be here.


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One Response to MFA Space

  1. brianthiem says:

    That’s awesome, Brian. The next thing you know, the MFA suite of offices will have a marble floor lobby and wood paneled library.

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