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Folks, someone indicated on their residency eval form that they found the program website difficult to navigate. If you agree, would you email me some specifics about what difficulties you have there? And here’s another pic: “The Tippy Tippy Tip of Michigan’s Pinky”



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2 Responses to Website Feedback

  1. I have always found the site hard to navigate. The log-in process is far from obvious. For example, I’m responding here after logging in on my Google+ account, which I didn’t have until recently. But I still haven’t figured out how to log in to post an announcement or pose a question. Added to that is the hassle of changing your password every few months. I think many of us have many electronic accounts, and at least for me, simpler is better.
    Also, from a teaching standpoint, putting in the grades is a pain unless you have the course number(s) right in front of you. It doesn’t seem to be searchable by student or professor, or if it is, again it’s not obvious how to do it.
    Just my two cents. Thanks for asking.
    Hank Garfield

  2. brclements says:

    Hank, those are the blog and the university records systems you’re talking about. Your blog problems are WordPress issues–you just need to log into your WordPress account and you should be able to post (according to the blog’s records, you log in account uses your yahoo email address). Your wcsu account (email, Banner, etc.) has nothing to do with your blog account. But I’m actually asking for feedback on navigating the MFA program web site,

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