Article published on The Atlantic site

This piece started out as a class assignment for OMG earlier this semester, and became timely and relevant after the Germanwings crash. On the advice of our professor (Brian C.) I submitted it around, and today’s it is up on Health page of The Atlantic. I’m stunned; and thankful for the input my OMG classmates and MFA friends who’ve helped me navigate this process!

Karen Veazey

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9 Responses to Article published on The Atlantic site

  1. pensivelion says:

    Great job, Karen👍🏻

  2. brclements says:

    So very well done, Karen! Congratulations!!!

  3. CaraP says:

    Great job Karen!

  4. Erik Ofgang says:

    Awesome Karen and excellent story! This will be quite the calling card for future freelance assignments you seek out.

  5. moffettkds says:

    Congratulations Karen!!!! Well written and researched! Great job!

  6. btlance says:

    Just read it. Great piece. It was cool to see it go from OMG to The Atlantic. I put some comments on Blackboard, but pretty much said the same stuff here.

  7. ctplan says:

    Karen, I am so thrilled for you. I read it and it’s obvious that you did your research and brought it all together in an excellent piece. You are an inspiration!

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