Just Got A Book Contract!

Hi Everybody,

Got an email from a book publisher today with a contract attached while on the 16th hole of my town’s golf course. I almost screamed, but that wouldn’t have gone over very well. It’s a historical romance that I played around with during my MFA 2012-2014. I’m still pinching myself and don’t know what to do at the moment except to tell you MFA thesis people to keep plugging away at your work. Will let you know more information soon.

Jeannette Ronson

P.S. For those of you who know me, you’re probably thinking, “Jeannette wrote a romance novel. Nah, can’t be true.” Well, rest assured that the heroine does punch a few people in the face in this romance.


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11 Responses to Just Got A Book Contract!

  1. pensivelion says:

    Awesome news👍🏻

    • brianthiem says:

      Jeanette: I’m absolutely thrilled for you. Your dream came true. I knew it would happen for you. We want to hear more details when you can provide them. Who with? Hardback, paperback, E-book? Is there a pub date projected? I’m really proud of you.

  2. melissagordon09 says:

    Jeannette! You rock. Super excited for you. I so admire you for being such an amazing woman and writer. Can’t wait to hear more details. Thanks for this inspiring post! 😊

  3. Congrats! Told ya that your book was a winner. You’re going to sell a lot of them!

  4. brclements says:

    Hooray for Jeannette and her pugilistic heroine!

  5. moffettkds says:

    Way to go Jeannette!

  6. Jeannette Ronson says:

    Thanks so much everybody for your comments. Just signed and sent back the contract. The publisher is Kellan Publishing and they are accepting novels and novellas in various genres. Will provide more details as soon as I now. Publishing date is supposed to be within a year from now.

  7. tundedriven2inspire says:

    Congratulations Jeannette!!!

  8. brclements says:

    Jeannette, what is the title of your book?

  9. Jeannette Ronson says:

    Cinderella Borscht Belt to be published by Kellan Publishing, a small publisher in California.

  10. writergirl says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! It is duly deserved. How exciting we will be able to see your talent in bookstores!

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