A good book on writing dialogue?

Hi, everyone,

I am leading two writing critique groups in the Kansas City area, and the momentum behind them is wild and strong. =) One of my students recently asked me to recommend a good book on crafting dialogue. I wanted to reach out to my alum for suggestions. Any thoughts? You can reply here or email me directly at kate@katemeadows.com. Thanks so much!

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6 Responses to A good book on writing dialogue?

  1. Depending on what stage your students are at, they might consider:
    Write Away by Elizabeth George; Breathing life into your characters by Rachel Ballon; and/or, !3 Ways of Looking at the Novel by Jane Smiley.

  2. You may have already thought of this, but the books or scripts that the students love is probably the best ground to learn from. Perhaps not Tolkien, who is more known for his description than dialogue. Dashiell Hammett’s mystery novels are a good for snappy, quick dialogue

  3. katemeadows says:

    Andrew and Michael,
    Thanks so much for your suggestions. I appreciate your feedback! -Kate

  4. brclements says:

    Kate, have you moved to the KC area?

  5. btlance says:

    I know Stephan King’s On Writing has a thorough discussion on who he believes were great dialogue writers. Not sure if he recommends any craft books, but perhaps you can use his suggestions and go straight to the primary sources of great dialogue, get into the nuts and bolts by studying the writers themselves–dialogue done well rather than someone explaining how to do write dialogue without actually being a great dialogue writer. Just a thought.

  6. katemeadows says:

    Thank you and thank you! Brian — yes, we’re back in the KC area. =)

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