Hi All,

Here is a list of resources we received in Onnesha Roychoudhuri’s workshop on Wednesday a.m. at residency. Thanks Onnesha for sending the electronic. Some great stuff worth passing along to everyone.

Melissa 🙂


Support with contracts/negotiating fees/etc.

Author’s Guild:

National Writers Union:

Writing Contests/Submissions/Grants/Residencies

Creative Writers Opportunity List:

(Daily email of writing contests/deadlines)

Practicing Writers Yahoo Group:

(Monthly email list of no-submission-fee opportunities)

Worldwide residency listings:

Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers Listserv (grants/submissions/jobs)

Poets&Writers (contests/jobs/conferences/grants):

PEN/America (grants/awards/residencies):

Association of Writers and Writing Programs (grants/awards/conferences/contests)

National Endowment for the Arts (grants):

WomenArts (grants for female writers):

Fulbright Fellowship:

–>How to apply and get a Fulbright in Creative Writing:

More on Submissions:

To manage your submissions:

To get easy access to content in a variety of lit mags:

Freelance Job Opportunities

Gorkana Media Job alerts (primarily journalism):



Non-Profit Job Market:

Online Classes

One Story:

Writers Studio:

Gotham Writers:

On Cold-Calling a Top Agent:

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