Artist Statement

Hi again,

At the wrap-up meeting at res, I was talking about some of the questions we were given to think about at Onnesha Roychoudhuri’s workshop on creating our artist’s statement. Here they are. Thanks again Onnesha! 🙂


1. What are my favorite things about my work?

2. What do I tend to write about thematically?

3. What specific questions do I grapple with in my writing?

4. What motivates and inspires me?

5. What is notable about my writing style?

6. Who are my influences? Why?

7. What do I want other people to understand about my writing?

Create a statement:
1. Start with who you are/biographical info that’s relevant to why you’re writing/what you’re writing about.

2. Dig into what your work is about: influences, thematic concerns, your process, style, etc.

3. Discuss your current work: How did it grow out of prior work/life experiences? How does it fit within and further your broader body of work and artistic vision? What are you exploring/attempting/challenging by doing this work?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!

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