How to write a story

Here is a great TED talk about how stories are imagined and crafted into fiction. John Dufresne was my thesis director at FIU’s MFA Program. Sit back and watch, and I guarantee it will inspire you and get your mind wheels turning in preparation for the residency.


About Sandy Barron

Author of The Heiress of Water (HarperCollins, 2006) and Stay With Me (Harper, 2010)
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3 Responses to How to write a story

  1. brianthiem says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Sandy. I watched it twice, taking notes the second time through.

  2. Sandy Barron says:

    I’m so happy you like it, Brian! John isn’t just a teacher of the art of fiction, he’s more like preacher, priest, or shaman. He makes you feel like you’re learning the rituals of some ancient and sacred practice. I was always mesmerized and inspired.

  3. A clever presentation, which we hear so often at residency: keep your butt in the chair. Good one.

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