Student-Designed Time at the Res

As you may have already noticed on the residency schedule (see Cara’s link below), a block is set aside on Sunday (3:00-5:00) for Student-Designed Time. This block is for you all to use as you see fit, either in groups or as individuals. If some of you want to get together for a peer workshop, you can do that. If you have a particular issue you want to explore and have found a mentor who is willing to talk with you about it during that time, you can use the block for that purpose. If you want to have a students-only meeting, you can do that. If you want to take a nap, you can do that. Feel free to use the blog as an organizing space if you have an idea you’d like to pursue during that block. I think Poor Yorick and the alumni group are both planning meetings during that time, so watch the blog for announcements regarding those opportunities.


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One Response to Student-Designed Time at the Res

  1. CaraP says:

    To emphasize the point about taking a nap, here is Ewan, at the last residency:

    Poor Yorick kept him company.

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