Brian Turner Reading and Workshop

Folks, Brian Turner’s reading will be Nov. 3 at 6:30 in Alumni Hall. We rarely have writers of this caliber on campus; I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

If you don’t have plans for that evening and live relatively close to Danbury (in CT, or within an hour’s drive), I sincerely hope you will come out and support this program. If we want to continue having top-quality writers visit campus, we need to support it with bodies in seats.

I also encourage you to read one or all of Turner’s books in advance of the reading.

Following the reading, there will be a poetry workshop starting at 7:30 (location to be announced as we approach the reading). There will be only 15 seats in the workshop, and 5 of those are already reserved. I am reserving 5 seats for graduate students; if you are a poet in the program, you should be contacting me immediately to reserve one of those 5 seats. Seats are NOT only for poets–all students are welcome. The remaining 5 seats will be reserved for undergraduates. I am holding all of those reservations until Oct. 29, at which time anyone (including alumni) can sign up for any unfilled seats.

Please plan to join us on the 3rd!


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3 Responses to Brian Turner Reading and Workshop

  1. brianthiem says:

    My copy of his book, Here, Bullet, arrived two days ago, and I’m currently reading each poem a second time. Brian Turner captures what it’s like to be a soldier in Iraq accurately and with such emotion that it transported me back to that era of my life. I look forward to seeing him at the reading. Will his new memoir be sold at the reading?

  2. brclements says:

    Yes, Brian, the bookstore will have all three of his books, I would expect, available for purchase at the reading.

  3. btlance says:

    I’ll take a workshop seat if available.

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