Sarabande Books Open Submission Month

The pretty good independent publisher Sarabande Books has an open submission period for writers without agents this month. Check out their list before submitting; they do literary fiction, essays, and poetry.

The one downside is the submission fee of fifteen dollars, but in the literary world that is a very low fee for real* book publication.

Try it, and maybe you’ll have a book!

*Real book publication means that one can walk into a well-stocked Barnes & Noble or thoughtful independent bookstore and find at least two or three copies of books by the publisher there—even if not every book by the publisher is in stock.


About nickmamatas

Nick Mamatas is the author of several novels, including I Am Providence and The Last Weekend. His short fiction has appeared in Best American Mystery Stories, Asimov's Science Fiction, New Haven Review, and many, many other venues.
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3 Responses to Sarabande Books Open Submission Month

  1. janecleland says:

    To voice a contrary opinion… I never recommend authors paying a submission fee. You shouldn’t pay an agent a “reading” fee, either. Check out Jeff Herman’s excellent book, Jeff Herman’s Guide To Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents 2013 (available in most libraries) for advice and guidance on getting published.

  2. nickmamatas says:

    This department runs a fee-paying contest for authors:

    Agents who charge “reading fees” simply aren’t agents—they have little to no connection to New York, and thus can’t place books. A contest with a small fee is something different entirely. There are *too many* contests in the literary field out there, but the long and short of it is that literary fiction almost always requires a subsidy, while genre fiction does not. That’s why in genre fiction there’s a strong emphasis on the idea of money flowing toward the writer, and in literary fiction there is not.

    One would hope that the students and faculty of this program don’t need one more book on how to be published. If they do after a couple of years of classes, we should just shut the whole thing down.

  3. btlance says:

    Wow. Heated. Sarabande also waives the fee if you buy an indie book from them or an indie bookseller and attach your receipt to submission. A civil compromise, I suppose.

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