Possible Remote Residency

Hello, all (and by all I mean students and alumni),

I need your feedback on the idea of a potential remote residency in Northern Ireland. This residency would be an optional third residency, possibly in June, that could replace your attendance at an August or January residency, or could simply be an additional residency experience for you (and a trip to Ulster!). The residency would be open to students and alumni, as well as WCSU alumni from outside the MFA program and perhaps to the public as well. There would be a flat fee, amount TBD, and you would be responsible for your travel. Also TBD is whether we would have group accommodations on or off campus in NI or whether you would be responsible for that as well. Structure would be similar to that of our normal residencies, though likely with more free time mixed in for enjoying the host region. 

I need to get a sense of how many people in the program (and among alumni) would see this as a viable possibility. If only a few people are interested, we need go no further. Please respond here or email me at clementsb@wcsu.edu.


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17 Responses to Possible Remote Residency

  1. smwelles says:

    If I have the money, then hell yeah!

  2. bethfred08 says:

    This sounds awesome, but it’s not something I could swing. I hope people get to go though, because that’s amazing.

  3. Oh wow, definitely would be interested potentially! – LaurenG

  4. I would be very interested !

  5. Yes, depending on price!

  6. rangeramie says:


  7. asogunro says:

    Bank account permitting, YES!

  8. ksantamaria says:

    Yes, I’d go!

  9. If it’s open to Alums–you bet!

  10. Yes. My wife and I honeymooned in Europe this past year. We connected into Dublin and spent a day. If this does come to fruition, I would advise every one to watch the travel deals through Aer Lingus. I was thoroughly impressed with that airline, and the rates are very reasonable. If we are in norther Ireland, we shall have to take a trip to Donegal Castle–the ancestral home of the O’Donnells (my clan). I believe they recently refurbished it as a museum. Hope this happens!

  11. dtgriffith says:

    Sounds great. Hard to commit to anything of this nature right now, unfortunately.

  12. iv20 says:

    Yes!! I would certainly go!

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