Fakes, Forgeries, and Facts Workshop Notes

A few people were interested in the workshop last week. Special thanks to all the workshop writers who tried the prompts, read their work, and shared the depth of their own knowledge and experience. I was very impressed with the conversation and ideas that were produced.  

Click here for the Blog post with the presentation link. 

And a special thanks to Brian for allowing me to present workshops that are off the beaten path and challenge me to challenge writers in new ways. I appreciate that more than he knows. 

In October I will be presenting this same topic applied to graphic novels and visual storytelling at the Northeast Popular / American Culture Association in Providence College. I will be sharing some of those ideas, experiences, and connections on my higher education blog. Feel free to follow it with an email address. I am also going to try Twitter when I attend. 


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2 Responses to Fakes, Forgeries, and Facts Workshop Notes

  1. brclements says:

    Thanks for this, Ron! I heard some glowing reviews of the workshop.

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