Poor Yorick at Residency

Hi All!

We will be doing the Poor Yorick basket auction again this year! Each morning, there will be a basket in the Ballroom you can check out and bid on. Baskets will be on display all day and after each nightly reading will be handed to the highest bidder! There are some COOL baskets so far being donated by PY staff. If anyone has a basket they’d like to donate contact me melisgordon09@yahoo.com. Since PY has no operating budget, we are hoping to raise funds for some marketing materials and potentially a small amount for a launch party. (Yes! We hope to launch journal content by the middle of the fall semester!)

We will have a PY presentation sometime during lunch on Sunday. And we will have a staff meeting (all are welcome to attend to see what we are working on) Thursday 3:00-4:00 either in the Ballroom or in one of the rooms close to. I’ll be around most of the residency, and always love talking skulls! 🙂

Sooooo much hard work has been put in over the summer on the journal. Thanks to all the staff. Check out what we have up on the website so far www.pooryorickjournal.com. Much more to come! 

See you all next week. 🙂

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