Internship Opening at Fine Homebuilding Magazine

I’m finishing up my internship at Fine Homebuilding Magazine in a couple weeks, so they are going to need someone for the fall to fill their web publication/social media internship. FH is owned by Taunton Press in Newtown, CT, and the editor is a WestConn alumnus. More importantly, it’s an awesome place to work and gain experience at a national magazine with a large readership and social media following. They will treat you like a team member, and teach you. It is not a coffee-fetching job. You will work on a vast array of projects.

I really bragged about our program while I was there and they’d like to keep some kind of connection with us. Experience/interest in the trades, architecture, or homes in general is a plus, but not a requirement. You can learn much of that there. Anyone interested can contact me either in a reply here or at


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2 Responses to Internship Opening at Fine Homebuilding Magazine

  1. brclements says:

    Thanks for this, Brian!

  2. btlance says:

    I want to stress again that they are hungry for interns now… And you’ll probably get clips in addition to experience. Here’s a piece I just did there.

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