Two things…

First, I forgot to share my recently published flash piece here.

Second, I’m at the Yale Writers Conference and I just wanted to mention that I’m getting a lot of interest in our unique program. We really seem to be an exception to the rule of low-res programs. Xu Xi, my Yale workshop mentor and the founder of Hong Kong’s only MFA program, is fascinated with the practical genre aspect. Felt nice to get so much positive attention. Needed to share.

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3 Responses to Two things…

  1. melissagordon09 says:

    Congrats on publication! And thanks for sharing re: our MFA program- was cool to hear. Looking forward to any poet-tips that come out of the conference! 🙂

  2. brclements says:

    Xu Xi should know quite a bit about our program already–we were on a panel together talking about our low res programs! 🙂 Congrats on the pub, Brian.

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