Short Story Accepted To DarkFuse

Hello MFAers/Alum/The Ever Wondrous BC,

One of my short stories from thesis, “Ritual” has just been accepted for publication in DarkFuse’s anthology series. This actually came as some very good news during a very stressful week and I’m happy to say this is my third accepted publication in the past nine months. And, I owe much of it to this program and my fellow cohorts/mentors/professors.

So current students, let this be encouragement- with persistence, working hard on your pieces, and submitting as much as you can to kingdom come…if you keep at it you will eventually hit a success. My rejections are three times the amount of what I’ve had accepted, and it’s a little discouraging, and during the program I had the anxiety that my work was “crap” and would never get published, but it seems that old adage of keeping at it has something to it.

And so, I leave you with this:

– Lauren Gallo


About thefivefootwoman

A long time ago...when the gods were petty and cruel, and plagued mankind with suffering...a CT Yankee, having lived in New England all of her life, has made the awesome adventurous move to live 3000 miles west in California. These are the legendary journeys.
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7 Responses to Short Story Accepted To DarkFuse

  1. Larissa Lytwyn says:

    Congratulations, LG!

  2. Lauren, the way to go!

    • Thanks Andy, someday when I’m a famous best-selling author and can afford a fantastic sabbatical in Italy, I’ll have to ask your advice of where to go/what to see. 🙂

  3. nickmamatas says:

    Great job! I remember this story from 2012. Glad to see it published!

    • Thanks Nick, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it published without your mentorship! If I didn’t say it enough, you were really great to work with and I still have The Future Is Japanese sitting on my coffee table!

  4. brclements says:

    Congrats, Lauren! Keep the momentum going.

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