Call For Submissions: Rainbow Rumpus

Rainbow Rumpus, the only online literary magazine for children with LGBT parents, publishes interviews, comics, and fiction about and for kids and teens who otherwise may never read a story about a family like theirs in school.

The online literary magazine is seeking new children’s fiction (for ages 5-12) and YA fiction (for ages 13-18). This is an excellent opportunity for beginning fiction writers. The editor-in-chief, who has twenty years of experience editing children’s fiction, works one-on-one with writers when stories show promise.

This is a pro publishing opportunity. Rainbow Rumpus pays $300 upon publication, for first North American online rights. The story is accompanied by a photo and bio which can link to a writer’s website or blog, and is archived permanently on the site.

The submission guidelines:

  • The story’s protagonist should be a child or teen with LGBT parents or other close family members.
  • The primary plot point of the story should not be family structure or children being teased about their families.
  • Stories for 4-to 12-year-old children should be approximately 800 to 2,500 words in length. Stories for 13- to 18-year-olds may be as long as 5,000 words.

Rainbow Rumpus publishes a variety of genres and will consider serialized work. Stories featuring families of color, bisexual parents, transgender parents, family members with disabilities, and mixed-race families are particularly welcome.

Please submit stories as an attached Word file to, and include your complete contact information.

Contact editor-in-chief, Beth Wallace, at with any questions.


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5 Responses to Call For Submissions: Rainbow Rumpus

  1. janecleland says:

    What a great niche!

    One question — the submission guidelines specify a $75 payment; where did you read about the $300 fee?

  2. CaraP says:

    Hi Jane, I apologize. It appears the submission guidelines on the Rainbow Rumpus Website are different than the ones pertaining to this particular opportunity. We received a letter in the MFA Office from the editorial assistant. I will try to find the correct submission guidelines and attach them here.

  3. janecleland says:

    It’s interesting… it sounds like the publication is in flux.

  4. CaraP says:


    I’ve updated the post with submission guidelines sent to us. I imagine they haven’t gotten around to updating the information on the website just yet.

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