Celebrate National Poetry Month with WCSU

Folks, my undergrad poetry workshop this semester cordially invites you to tweet your 140-or-fewer-character poems on Thursday (April 10) to #wcsupoem between noon and 4 pm. Digital screens across the two campuses will scroll all of the poems that come in during those four hours. Please send in a few! Here is the first one I’m going to send at noon sharp:

On the second Thursday of April, I think only of June, July, your pink skin, your garden.

It’s not good, but it’s something. Send something!

Also, if you happen to be on campus, there will be a collaborative poem under composition between noon and 4 pm in the Warner Hall Lobby. The poem will be published in The Echo, the student newspaper.

Finally, there will be an open mic/slam between 2 and 4 pm in the Warner Lobby. All students and faculty are invited to attend and/or read.

Hope to see you and/or your poemtweets!


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One Response to Celebrate National Poetry Month with WCSU

  1. melissagordon09 says:

    Cool thing on 4/10! Wish I could go, but have to work, though, I will sneak in some tweets! I’ll race you for noon sharp with my first! 🙂

    The bare branches look cold. I wait for Maple’s buds, then blooms, as I did with you in my womb. When you were stripped, I too stood bare.

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