New publication


If you want, check out my short story “Loose Ends” in The Oddville Press. It’s short:



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6 Responses to New publication

  1. janecleland says:

    I’m dazzled. What a wonderful story. You are such a gifted writer.

  2. Hey Jen, just finished “Loose Ends.” Favorite line: “Grandma looked like a shadow in her black dress.” And then the ending…”all I wanted”…which you snuck in there 5 times! Loved it.
    If you ever stop moving your fingers, you might look at, if you haven’t already, “Long Story Short” by Dana Goodyear about Lydia Davis, The New Yorker, March 17, page 24–(gosh, Lydia sounds like she would be in your tribe.) Ciao.

  3. jnny1107 says:

    Glad you enjoyed! I will definitely check it out. Thanks!

  4. brclements says:

    No offense to Oddville Press (I LOVE the note at the end of the disclaimer), but a) you’d think they could put author names in their TOC, and b) you should be publishing in better journals.

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