AWP and Poor Yorick

Hi All,

I want to share my AWP experience. Becca had shared hers in the past (thank you), and that is the reason I decided to end up going this year for Poor Yorick. First of all, being a part of Poor Yorick continues to get better. Being at AWP and talking with people about the journal and hearing genuine responses of interest in the unique mission we have was awesome. The experience of running a journal, and particularly the value of meeting and interviewing artists and writers who are so passionate about their work is something I may have missed out on. Being able to represent the journal at the conference, sitting at a table in the Bookfair was really such a great experience. Second, being at a writing conference, immersed in a conference center holding all of that creative energy- I almost burst. While there, I wrote several new poems, submitted my poetry to several places, gathered new ideas to write about, collected many journals/books (almost all free!)… I actually had trouble reintegrating back here because well, quite honestly, being a poet out there was, hmmm, valued? What’s the word? I felt like a rock star. And lastly, it gave me a chance to bond with the program. I was with Jeannette at the conference (for literally 5 days straight including when I changed seats with someone on the plane to be next to her on the final leg of the trip!), Brian was there (thank you for going so PY staff could go!), we saw several people affiliated with the program (Hi Nick, thanks for your ideas for PY!), were in constant communication with many of you (thanks Erik and Dana for constantly checking in!) via text, email, FB…  Great experience, both Poor Yorick and AWP.



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2 Responses to AWP and Poor Yorick

  1. jhronson says:

    Ditto to everything that Melissa said. She is much more on the ball than I am right now. It’s very inspiring to be with, talking to, and experiencing other writers and artists. Like Melissa, I developed many new ideas for myself and for the Poor Yorick Journal.

  2. mageerik says:

    Glad you both had a good/rewording time. Can’t wait to hear all about at Monday’s PY meeting!

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