Marketing-Centric Job Openings

Hello all!

A friend posted this to my wall, but since I no longer live in CT it’s not going to be a lead for me to pursue, but could be for some of you working in the practical genre in marketing/pr writing. ReedPOP has job openings for a Brand Marketing Coordinator and a Social Media Marketing Coordinator. This is the company that organizes New York Comic Con and other pop culture events. These openings appear to be based out of Norwalk, CT, so hopefully it helps some of you looking for marketing gigs.

Good luck!

-Lauren G 



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A long time ago...when the gods were petty and cruel, and plagued mankind with suffering...a CT Yankee, having lived in New England all of her life, has made the awesome adventurous move to live 3000 miles west in California. These are the legendary journeys.
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One Response to Marketing-Centric Job Openings

  1. dtgriffith says:

    An old work colleague/friend of mine works for ReedPop now – he loves it. I consistently hear it’s a great place to work.

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