Internship and Writing Opportunities

Book Reporter is a well-respected company. The president sent the following to me and I thought it might be of interest:

We always are on the hunt for interns for our editorial websites. Here’s a link to a description that we have on


Our website could definitely use more voices contributing, as well as doing intern tasks. That site specifically is for readers in college and in their twenties. Here’s our pitch from their newsletter:

We are looking for contributors for book reviews and blog posts who would like to impart their wisdoms on life, love, books, TV, movies, pop culture and all the other stuff we 20Somethings just can’t get enough of. Send a cover letter and writing samples to and

Not sure you want to commit long-term? We know what that’s like and would love to hear your idea for a “one-off” piece if you are not ready for commitment. If you are interested in more of a long-term commitment, the deal is if you write for us enough and we’ll add you to our Contributors page.

A list of all of our websites can be found below.


Carol Fitzgerald


The Book Report Network

250 W 57th Street – Suite 1228

New York, NY  10107


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