Holub Workshop

Just in case anyone missed the e-mail earlier, here are the materials to be read before the workshop Tuesday.

Readings for Solid Humor = Solid Writing
Tuesday, January 7
1. Sensei, by Simon Rich
2. My Nature Documentary, by Jack Handey
3. Big Boy, by David Sedaris
Sedaris_Big Boy
4. The Barber’s Unhappiness (first four pages), by George Saunders
saunders. barbersunhappiness
Things to consider while reading these:
• How does each author establish their voice? (Word choice, point of view, diction, syntax, associations, organization, approach, etc.)
• More specifically, what is the impact of the narrator’s point of view?
• Where is the humor coming from? What is funny (at least to some people) about these works? Why are they funny?

Also  be sure to bring in about two pages of your own prose that is NOT intended to be humorous.


About davidholub

My fiction and essays have appeared in more than 30 publications including McSweeneys Internet Tendency, monkeybicycle, The Christian Science Monitor, 3AM, Hobart and Cafe Irreal. I am the editor of Kugelmass, a journal of literary humor, and teach writing at the University of Hartford and Western Connecticut State University.
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