Good evening and kudos and thanks to those of you who braved the weather and came out tonight. Great readings! I look forward to hearing more at the various student readings and open mics this week. I hope everyone now is cozy at home or in a Danbury hotel; I haven’t heard of anyone being stranded at an airport, so I hope no news is good news.

Tomorrow morning, please come on up the hill to Westside Classroom Building (the building next door to the Campus Center), room 218. We will fan out from there for Tim Weed’s workshop and Matt Debenhams’s workshop. Tim opted not to drive down tonight (wonder why?), so we will be conducting his workshop by Skype (thanks, David Griffith, for the Skype help). That said, if you are not near campus and the roads are treacherous in the morning, don’t risk your life trying to get to campus. Use your best judgment, please. If you are at the hotel and need a ride up the hill, there should be plenty of people to provide one, but give me a call if you don’t find a ride and I’ll come get you.

Unfortunately, Tim will not be able to make it for his reading tomorrow night, so there is no event for the evening. There is rumor that the David Holub Memorial Flash Fiction Slam may actually take place after all at the Maron…

Finally, the OMG meetings will take place as scheduled. If Holly is unable to make it to campus, both OMG classes will meet with me at WS218. You may hold your mentor meetings in WS218 or at the Maron, as you see fit.

Take good care on the roads. I hope to see most of you tomorrow.


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One Response to Friday

  1. ctplan says:

    I plan to be there! Just need the driveway plowed this a.m., and I’ll hop in the 4-wheel drive! See you soon.

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