Kosek Workshop Prep

Kosek Workshop: “The Poetry of Prose”

Hi folks,
As noted in the workshop description, please submit to me a short excerpt of fiction, nonfiction, or other prose (1-4 pages or so) before our workshop on January 6. It can be whatever you want…a scene, a description, a beginning, an end… Send to kkosek@nwcc.edu.

And also, if you could give the attached essay a read before the workshop–Anne Fadiman’s “Under Water.” It’s very short.

Kateri KosekUnder Water


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2 Responses to Kosek Workshop Prep

  1. janecleland says:

    I enjoyed the essay… may I ask… who is the author?

  2. janecleland says:

    Okay, I’m dumb as a doorknob. I see the author’s name in your post. Sorry about that.

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