Hotel stay for January residency, anyone want to share a room?

Hi everyone,

I will be attending the full residency in January. Because of my neurosurgery earlier this month and subsequent recovery, I’m a bit behind on figuring out logistics.

Since my driving allowance is limited right now I’m looking at staying at the Maron for the week. If possible, I want to avoid the 30 minute commute to and from home everyday – my doctor and family won’t approve, and I don’t want any accidents. I couldn’t find any posts on here regarding special rates or whatever. So I have two questions;

1. Does anyone know if we have special rates available and how much they will be?

2. Is anyone willing to share a room with me for the week? I’m a good roommate – cover have the costs, clean, quiet, respectful of other’s space and property, happy to supply beer, etc.

Thanks all. I look forward to seeing you all!


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5 Responses to Hotel stay for January residency, anyone want to share a room?

  1. David, I found, last year, that booking directly with the hotel was less expensive than booking over the Internet.

  2. brclements says:

    The Maron offers a special MFA rate. Just tell them you’re with the MFA program. I think it’s $80/night, if i remember correctly.

  3. dtgriffith says:

    Thanks both. Looks like I will arrive Friday morning and check in at lunch time or thereabouts. I need that extra day at home on Thursday to rest up before things get started. Still not 100% fro the surgery, but I’ll get through this.

  4. Sonja Mongar says:

    If you go to booking. Com u can get good rates 🙂

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  5. dtgriffith says:

    Thanks Sonja. I called and booked the other day. They gave me $89, but I think we found $80 on Priceline.I was panning to arrive Friday morning, but this storm is messing my plans up.

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