Ahearn Workshop, Part II

Because Sandy Barron’s workshop is nearly full, I must ask those of you who are signed up for the Ahearn workshop and who are NOT fiction specialists to please attend the Grabell workshop. So the following people are authorized to attend the Barron workshop–Griffith, Jenkins, Burnett, and Fred. Brian Thiem–you may audit the Barron workshop but not participate, or you may attend the Grabell workshop. Sorry for this, but we need to keep the workshops a managable size for the instructors.


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4 Responses to Ahearn Workshop, Part II

  1. brclements says:

    p.s. And please see Sandy Barron’s post regarding advance work for her workshop! If you are attending the Grabell workshop and have not yet received the packet, please email me for it.

  2. dtgriffith says:

    Brian, just for the sake of my clearing up my already confused brain, you mentioned those who are not fiction specialists should attend Grabell’s workshop – which I’ve attended in the past and is very good, picked up some great skills there. With Corp Comms/PR being my primary and fiction my secondary – and I’m now small-time published in the fiction world – should I definitely be attending the Barron workshop? Just want to be sure as I begin my prep work. Thanks!

  3. brclements says:

    David, if you’ll look at my post above, you’ll see that you are one of the people I specifically authorized to attend the Barron workshop.

  4. dtgriffith says:

    Okay, thanks Brian. Just wanted to be sure that wasn’t any mistake.

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