Do you believe in Magic? I was just curious. There will be an amazing silent auction happening over residency.

Baskets of fun will be silently auctioned away every night after the readings. Bring your wallets full of dollars larger than 5 and spend away so that Poor Yorick can have pens that actually write.

I need mentors to rally together and make baskets  (or 3 and please tell me about it) of things worthy of purchasing i.e. signed books, prethesis critiques, signed hankies, whatever you feel is appropriate.

Every current member of Poor Yorick will be sponsoring a basket and you’d know this if Erik ever sent out the minutes….AHEM. 

Please email me at with your basket idea and I will add you to the list that I have currently made up, please email me ASAP.

Here’s a list of baskets already lined up:

-wine stolen from the Ronson wine cellar, husband still unaware

-baked good basket from stellar #1 and #2 bakers Melissa and Dana

-magical mystery basket from Erik Ofgang

-Poor Yorick basket (Brian can you purchase a t-shirt for this?)

-Poker how to, texas hold em if you got em, one on one with BC

-Writer’s Basket: every writer needs this basket

I’m very excited for the overwhelmingly large amount of emails I will be receiving every day until residency regarding these “baskets”. They don’t really need to be in the form of a basket. 

Love, Dana (I’m not Melissa, I just forgot my password and locked myself out of wordpress)

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  1. writergirl says:

    I will bid on the basket with the stolen wine IF the Ronson husband is told during the auction it is his! LOL too funny!!!

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