Hello All,

Just passing along that I recently sold a feature story to Narratve,ly magazine, which was a Kickstarter mag that actually was named one Time Magazine’s 50 best websites of 2013. The ironic thing is, the article was my final project for my secondary writing while in the program. It’s about a Vietnamese refugee who escaped her country after the fall of Saigon.  I had actually read a piece of it a while back at an open mic.

I decided to dust it off and send it out and thankfully it sold.  Any feature writers out there, they are open to submissions so toss a story idea their way. (And I hope someone grabbed this running back that broke all those records from WCSU a feature story or I’m going to!)

See you at the Rez.

– Perrota


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  1. brianthiem says:

    How cool is that…selling an article you wrote for the program. Way to go.

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