Peer Workshops at Residency

At the January residency, we are going to reinstitute an old practice: the peer workshop. There will be a three-hour block of time reserved for students to use in whatever way they see fit. Now would be a good time to start organizing yourselves into groups for genre workshops, if that is what you want to do, or for discussion groups, if that is what you want to do, or whatever. It’s your time, use it as you see fit, organize it yourself.


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8 Responses to Peer Workshops at Residency

  1. dtgriffith says:

    Brian, will this be in place of specific students leading one hour workshops like the social media one you asked me to do?

  2. ladyj235 says:

    For those of us who are kind of new…would this be a time review and critique work or more of a lecture/teaching situation? If there are enough people interested in children’s fiction (YA, Middle Grade) I’d love to be able to get together.

  3. brclements says:

    Hi, Jessica. Yes, that it one example of the kind of thing you might choose to do with the time. I think a YA group is a great idea–whether you workshop or just get together and chat.

  4. carapetitti says:

    Would anyone be interested in getting together to discuss anything within the realm of Speculative Fiction (i.e., Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Weird Fiction, Supernatural, Alternative History, etc). I know that’s a rather broad umbrella term, but it could be an interesting topic to explore. I wouldn’t be opposed to just a discussion about the genres that Spec Fiction encompasses, but I would also be up for workshop as well if there’s interest in doing something like this. Thoughts?

  5. I’ll be visiting residency, mostly to suck up all the energy that the new people bring, but if there are any newbies who haven’t been to “school” lately, I’ll be glad to share my history and insights to, maybe, make it less intimidating (and easier) for some of you.

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