Spring Mentor Requests

Dear Students,

It’s that time again. Please send me your requests for Spring faculty mentors. Please be sure to identify the courses you will be taking and your requests for each course. If you will be going part time in the spring and do not have specific faculty requests, please let me know anyway exactly which courses you will be taking.

You have until I arrive in the office on the morning of Oct. 31 to get your requests in; thereafter, I will begin assigning mentors to students who have not put in requests.

As ever, priority for requests is:
1) Thesis students
2) Third semester Writing in the Primary
3) Other Writing in the Primary
4) All others

But, as it falls out, almost everyone always gets the mentors they request. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list several options for each course; you should.


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Professor Western Connecticut State University
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4 Responses to Spring Mentor Requests

  1. dtgriffith says:

    Brian, for the thesis course, if the requested mentors have already said “yes” do we need still need to list additional mentor options?

  2. brclements says:

    Probably a good idea, just in case the mentors have over-committed, which has happened before.

  3. iv20 says:

    Hi Brian, how many mentors do you usually have for the thesis semester?

  4. brclements says:

    You are required to have at least two mentors for thesis. You may have three, if you so choose.

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