New Challenge: Getting Paid

Just heard that my local community’s free monthly magazine, North Stamford Life, will be publishing two of my creative nonfiction pieces in its November and December releases. I’ll post a link here when they become available. I’m not receiving any compensation for the submissions, but they have asked me to be a regular contributor. There are well-connected people living in North Stamford who will receive these magazines, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I also had to sign a contract to allow for the redistribution of my writing to other magazines. So those in the MFA program, you might want to look into your small local publications to submit your work. Now I have to try to get paid.

Jeannette Ronson


About PB College Essay Tutor

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing. Evaluated as Highly Effective by the Martin County School District 2017. Over 10 years teaching college and high school writing and literature in Connecticut and Florida. Certified English and Social Studies teacher.
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4 Responses to New Challenge: Getting Paid

  1. dtgriffith says:

    Congrats Jeanette – it’s a good step forward. I’ll look out for the pub, I live nearby in Norwalk.

  2. You write a little here, a little there, and then a little bit of money flows in, and then a little more, and the next thing you know–you aren’t broke anymore. Congratulations.

  3. beccamayhem says:

    Congratulations, Jeannette!

  4. ctplan says:

    Congratulations, Jeannette, and good advice for others!

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