Dr. Joe’s Presentation

The Business of Art – WestConn 2013Hello, All,

Hope you’re all rested up from the residency and ready to go on your syllabi. I’m attaching here Dr. Joe’s slides from his presentation–some of you had asked for them.


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4 Responses to Dr. Joe’s Presentation

  1. Erik Ofgang, someone sent me this video (you have likely seen it), and it immediately brought your enrichment project to mind. Your goal of seeing if you could create a Youtube viral sensation has great parallels to a writer’s goal of creating art, but also finding an audience. The two primary links between writing and this video are making a connection due to universality, but stimulating interested with novelty at the same time. Combine those two things in a way that captivates and boom: five million views. Five million book sales…?

  2. Erik Ofgang says:

    Awesome Joe! Thanks for sharing, I actually hadn’t seen this video really cool. Yes this video successfully incorporates a lot of the elements I was talking about. Part of the reason I did viral marketing for my enrichment project was to learn more about marketing with the hopes of one day getting those five millions book sales. I didn’t have the success I hoped for but I did learn that I’m not good at rollerblading, so it wasn’t a complete waste : )

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