The Dear Humanity Project – Submission

Lisa Chang and Ron Samul are working on a project called The Dear Humanity Project. The idea is to write letters to people, past present, future, dead or alive. In workshops and classroom work – these letters have been a good prompt for non-writers to share and explore the power of writing and emotional connection. They have also been a catalyst for writers in workshops and personal writing. 

It is a simple concept – sit down and write a letter to someone. It helps sometimes to pose a question like: Dear Mary, How come you left without ever saying goodbye. This idea came from Tim O’Brien’s A Letter to My Son which is on the website. 

Submission: if you would like to send us your letters – we are looking for submissions to add to our website. It is also a place to write articles about epistolary writing, teaching in the classroom and shared experience. If you would like to write about ideas around the project let us know. Check out the website and blog and join the conversation. A Facebook group is coming soon. 

Thanks for your consideration. 

Ron Samul & Lisa Chang

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