Last Night of Residency–Fun and Fundraising

On Friday night, August 9, our newly formed MFA Alumni group (tentatively called After the MFA–more about them at the res) will host a poker tournament at the Maron to raise funds for MFA Scholarships. It is PURELY OPTIONAL, a very low-pressure, casual game, and a lot of fun. I hope most of you will come, cap off the residency, and win a few prizes such as signed copies of faculty books, a Vivo’s gift card, Byrd’s Books gift card, WCSU t-shirts, etc. Suggested tax-deductible donation is $20, but if you can’t afford that you can play for less, and if you are feeling generous you can donate more! Hope to see you there… and everyone is welcome–faculty, alumni, current students, friends and family. Shuffle up and deal!


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6 Responses to Last Night of Residency–Fun and Fundraising

  1. brclements says:

    Corrected that to Friday, August 9…

  2. brianthiem says:

    Sounds like fun. I’ll be there. I play poker about as well as I golf, so my $20 donation/buy in will go very quickly.

  3. brclements says:

    Sounds like a true cardshark to me…

  4. Erik Ofgang says:

    I’m all in, sounds like fun!

  5. brclements says:

    Hmm… professional magician who specializes in card tricks eagerly volunteers for poker tournament. Suspicious!

  6. Erik Ofgang says:

    haha…I don’t suppose it would be alright if I deal

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