Fiction Workshop

Hello all,

Has anyone received an email for the Fiction Workshop yet? I know we are supposed to send 20 pages of work to each person in the workshop, but I haven’t received word yet. I’m just checking since we are getting close to Residency.





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4 Responses to Fiction Workshop

  1. jhronson says:

    I haven’t heard a word. I didn’t even know about sending 20 pages to each person. Where did you see that? I better get cranking.

  2. iv20 says:

    Hey Jeannette!

    It’s under the description of the workshop. It says:

    “We will read student submissions and critique them in class in detail. Students are asked to submit a double-spaced manuscript of up to 20 pages of a story or novel in progress to the group. All students will be required to read and critique the student manuscripts in classic workshop fashion, marking up the text and writing a one page letter to the author. We will focus on such craft elements as structure, point of view, characterization, dialogue, prose style, etc. An email list will be provided so that students send submissions to the entire class.”

    20 pages per person is a lot to read for a workshop that’s less than a week away. That’s why I was worried that maybe I didn’t receive any email by mistake.


  3. brclements says:

    An email about this will be going out today…

  4. brclements says:

    Just sent out an email message to everyone signed up for this workshop. If you didn’t receive it, let me know.

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