Why This is So Good

Check out this EXCELLENT column on what makes various pieces of journalistic feature writing so good. This site would be an excellent text for a Reading in the Genre course… http://www.niemanstoryboard.org/category/whys-this-so-good/


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7 Responses to Why This is So Good

  1. ianpeterkin says:

    This is a great link. I especially like the nod to Charlie Pierce’s profile on Tiger. I read the original, and I read some of it again when the scandal broke.

  2. brclements says:

    Yeah, me too, Ian.

  3. brclements says:

    Were you in the program when Charlie Pierce came to residency? I think that was before your time…

  4. In “About Nieman Storyboard”–second paragraph, last line, there’s a word missing. You sure these guys are as good as us?

  5. ianpeterkin says:

    @Brian, wow, it seems like the school had some very good writers come through. I seriously hope the funds don’t dry up to the point where WestConn can no longer attract talent.

  6. Erik Ofgang says:

    Great site Brian! Thanks for posting. I’ve been reading down their list of stories all great examples of journalism.

  7. Larissa Lytwyn says:

    Love this.

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