Pre- and Post-Residency Activities

Folks, would anyone be interested in an MFA golf outing on August 2 before the start of the residency? Also, there will be an announcement in the coming weeks about our activities on the final night of the residency. Keep an eye out for it!


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12 Responses to Pre- and Post-Residency Activities

  1. If it’s mini golf then I’m in! đŸ™‚

  2. I might be interested in a round of golf, though it might go badly because I haven’t been golfing in forever and I need to fix the grip on my putter. But yeah, maybe.

  3. jhronson says:

    I’d love to play a round of golf.

    • brianthiem says:

      I can tell Jeanette is a ringer, surely a single digit handicapper.

      • jhronson says:

        No, you’ve got it all wrong Brian. I just started learning how to play and learned that I can whack the hell out of that little ball. It gets all my pent-up frustrations out. As far as the rest of the game, I’m the one calling the “do-overs.” Hey, if I can re-write stuff, why can’t I re-hit stuff?

  4. brianthiem says:

    I’ll play, as long as no one minds playing with someone who is thrilled when he breaks 55 on the front nine.

  5. Erik Ofgang says:

    I’m hoping to learn how to play golf this summer. If I’m successful I’d love to play.

    • brianthiem says:

      Erik: I can tell already that you’re a natural. Didn’t I see a photo of you in a kilt? Golf originated in Scotland, so there you go. Just no wagering on the game, okay? The little bit of money I have, I need to keep.

      • brianthiem says:

        Erik: I read your article about golf courses in Connecticut Magazine. Well done. You probably have the pros from those courses willing to give you free lessons.

      • Erik Ofgang says:

        Haha Brian. Yes that story helped me realize that my skill, or lack thereof, in golf was a professional embarrassment. I need to get in touch with my Celtic roots, booking a golf lesson this week!

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